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Notices of Substitute Trustee Sales (Foreclosure Notices)

Texas is a non-judicial foreclosure state. Default is defined in the Deed of Trust (Mortgage) and/or Promissory Note. When a debt is defaulted a Substitute Trustee's sale will take place in the manner authorized by the Deed of Trust/Promissory Note.

What is a Notice of Substitute Trustee Sale?                                                                                        Notice of Substitute Trustee Sale is what’s commonly referred to as a Foreclosure Sale Notice.

When do the Substitute Trustee’s Sales take place?

The sale is held the first Tuesday of every month. The time(s) of the sales are indicated on each notice.


Where does the sale take place?

The sale(s) occurs in the corridor outside room 108, Brazoria County Courthouse, Angleton Texas.


Who conducts the sale(s)?

The trustee acting on behalf of the lender.


Where can I find out which properties will be sold?

Notices of all properties to be sold can be viewed 24 hours a day on the Brazoria County Clerk's website at:    "search our records".   The notices may also be viewed on the public computer terminals located in the East Annex Building at 1524 E. Mulberry, Rm. 152, Angleton, TX 77515. Additionally copies are posted on a bulletin board located in the corridor outside room 108, Brazoria County Courthouse, Angleton Texas.


When are the notices posted?

All notices for the sales must be posted 21 days prior to the sale. (21 days before the first Tuesday of each month)


Where can I obtain a list of properties to be sold?

The County Clerk’s office does not compile or publish a printout in list form. Copies of individual notices may be printed from the public computer terminals in the County Clerk’s Office at the East Annex office for a fee of $1.00 per page. Contact County Clerk personnel at the East Annex for instructions on printing notices.


Who can I talk to at the County Clerk’s office to answer questions about how to purchase a property at the sale?

The County Clerk’s personnel do not conduct the sale or have any information about the specifics of the sale. The sale is conducted by the trustees on behalf of the lenders. It is illegal for the County Clerk’s personnel to give opinions or legal advice.


What type of payment is required when purchasing a property at the sale?

The County Clerk's personnel does not have any information on the requirements to purchase a property. The trustees who conduct the sale can provide that information to interested parties.


Who can I talk to at the County Clerk’s office if I think my property has been mistakenly posted for sale?

The County Clerk’s personnel does not have any information pertaining to the sale of the properties. Contact your lender if you think your property has been posted in error. The lender is the only party that will have that