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Records Management  -  Recording Department

Section 118.011 Texas Local Government Code
Each Fee below reflects:
$10.00 Records Management & Preservation Fee (118.0216 LGC, Effective 01-01-2014)
$10.00 Records Archive Fee (118.025 Local Govt Code) and a
$1.00 Security Fee ( LGC 291.008 (d) & Approved by Commissioners Court Order 13 Volume 36 Page 97 8-9-1993), with the exception of documents filed by a State Agency.
A. Security Fee: $ 1.00  
B. Records Management/Preservation: $10.00  
C. Records Archive Fee: $10.00  
D. First Page of Document: $ 5.00  
  TOTAL: $26.00  
E. Each Additional Page or Part Thereof: $4.00  
Each Additional Name to be indexed:
  In Excess of Five(5) names $0.25 per name - 118.078 Local Govt Code
Abstracts of Judgment and Releases; Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Oil and Gas Leases, Mechanic Liens, Releases of Liens, Affidavits, Powers of Attorney, Lis Pendens, Bills of Sale, State Tax Liens and Releases; Tax Certificates, Hospital Liens and Releases are some of the general documents filed in the Official Public Records. In addition listed below are documents with specialized fees.
Texas Property Code 11.003, effective Jan 1, 1982: Requires that a grantee's address be in or attached to any document conveying real property executed after December 31, 1981. If address of each grantee is not included, the payment of a penalty filing fee equal to the greater of (1) twice the statutory filing fee for the filing of such document with the County Clerk or (2) $25.00 will be required. This fee is in addition to the filing fees.
Local Government Code 191.007: Provides double the filing fee for that page if names are not legibly typed or printed immediately under each signature.
Local Government Code 118.011 (c) 191.007(C)(H): Provides double the filing fee for that page if there is not a clearly identifying heading, similar to the headings on most printed forms, must be placed at the top of the first page to identify the type or kind of legal paper.
Property Code 12.001 (b) & 12.011: Providing notary requirements for recording documents.
Document Type Code Fee Charged
Federal Tax Lien and Release of Lien Property Code 14.005 $31.00
Notice of Lien for Fine (IRS) Property Code 14.005 $31.00
Utility Security Instrument LGC 118.011 & BCC 261011 $36.00
Military Discharges (DD214) LGC 192.002(b) No Charge

Assumed Name & Abandonment of Assumed Name Fees:

Recording Fee (includes indexing of 2 names) (CC) (indexing of business & 1 owner name)

Tx Business & Commerce Code 71.155

 $ 3.00
Record Management

 LGC     118.011

Record Archive  LGC     118.011  $10.00
Courthouse Security  LGC     291.008  $  1.00
                                              TOTAL:  $24.00

Plat Recording Fees, Official Public Records:

Commissioners Court Order VI.B.1.a,
Each Additional Page
Commissioners Court Order VI.B.1.a,
Conformed Plat Copy (each Pg.) LGC 118.011(c) $2.00
Tax Certificates filed with plat LGC 118.011 $26.00
Bond Fees:
(Original Bonds are Retained in the County Clerks Office)
Bond to Pay Lien or Claim Property Code 53.201 through 53.203 $26.00 + $4.00
Indemnity Bond LGC 118.011; Property Code 53.171 through 53.174 $26.00 + $4.00 to record Bond and in addition for each Notice to Obligee(s) $26.00 for the 1st page and $4.00 each add'l page
Stevedore's LGC 118.011; Fee includes an additional check for $5.00 made out to the Tax Office for Occupation Tax Receipt $26.00 + $4.00
Official, Subdivision, Warehouseman LGC 118.011 $26.00 + $4.00
Cattle Brand Fees:
Cattle & Horses LGC 118.020 / AC 144.110 $26.00
Additional Brand Locations on Animal (Purchased at the same time only) LGC 118.011(c) $5.00
Meeting Notices and Trustees Notice** Fees:
**Effective January 1, 1984: Trustee Notice of such proposed sale shall be given by posting a written notice of the sale at the courthouse on the bulletin board outside room 108, and by filing a copy of the notice in the Office of the County Clerk in which the sale is to be made at least 21 days preceding the date of the sale.
Meeting Notices LGC 118.011(c) $8.00
Trustee Notices LGC 118.011(c) $8.00
Copy LGC 118.011(c) $2.00
Copy Fees:
Price includes Official Public Records, Plat Records, Probate and Civil Records
Non certified copy per page or part of a page LGC 118.0145 $1.00
Non Certified ? 11 x 17 ? Double Letter per page LGC 118.011(c) $2.00
Non Certified ? 24 x 36 Plat or Map per page LGC 118.011(c) $5.00
Certification Fee for whole document (plus additional $1.00 per page) LGC 118.014 $5.00
Military Discharge -DD214 (Plain or CC) LGC 192.002(b) No Charge
FAX Machine Fees:
(We cannot FAX Vitals information out of this office)
Per page faxed LGC 118.011(c) $1.00
Plus usage fee in calling area LGC 118.011(c) $1.00
Plus usage fee out of calling area LGC 118.011(c) $2.00
Expedited Mailing Fees:
Expedited Service Fee (Plus choice of Mail Service) LGC 118.063 $5.00
3 Day Priority US Post Office LGC 118.063 $5.00
Fed Ex Overnight LGC 118.063 $30.00
CD fees for Images &/or Indices ? OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORDS
You must provide the postage or prepaid air bill for shipping or New Hard Drive if applicable
Daily CD Images & Indices Approved by Atty General $6.00
Weekly CD ? Images & Indices Approved by Atty General $8.00
2 Week CD -Images & Indices-historical data Approved by Atty General $12.00
2 Year CD ? Historical Data Only Approved by Atty General $20.00
1826 to 12-31-2011: New portable hard drive provided by Customer Approved by Atty General $90.00
Certified Copy of Birth, Marriage or Death Record Fees
Fees for Marriage License, Informal Marriage License; Death Certificates and Birth Certificates MAY include the following fees:

$10.00 Records Management and Preservation: LGC 118.018
$10.00 Records Archive Fee (118.025 Local Govt Code)
$1.00 Security: LGC 118.0216
$1.00 Vitals Preservation: HSC 191.0045(h)
Birth Certificates:
Birth Certificate (In or Out of County) LGC 118.015 ; LGC 118.015; TAC 181.22(a), (C) $23.00
Birth Verification LGC 118.011(c) $5.00
Birth Search Fee TAC 181.22 (c), (g)/LGC 191.0045(e) $5.00
Marriage License:
Marriage License LGC 118.018 $82.00
Duplicate License LGC 118.011(c) $30.00
Informal Marriage License LGC 118.019 $47.00
Marriage License with Twogether in Texas LGC 118.018 $22.00
Marriage Search Fee (Brazoria County Only) TAC 181.22(h) & (s) $20.00
Death Certificates:
Death Certificate (Brazoria County Only) LGC 118.015 $21.00
Additional Death Certificate (Purchased at the same time as the first Only) TAC 181.22(b) $4.00
Death Verification (Brazoria County Only) TAC 181.22(a) $5.00
Death Search Fee (Brazoria County Only) TAC 181.22(g) $5.00
LGC Texas Local Government Code
TAC Texas Association of Counties
AC Agricultural Code
BCC Business and Commerce Code
HSC Health and Safety Code