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Court Departments  -  Criminal Division

Information such as: cause number, hearing dates, charge and disposition information on a criminal misdemeanor case can be found online at our Brazoria County Judicial Record Search website @ "SEARCH OUR CRIMINAL RECORDS"

If you do not have your case number then change the "search by" to "Defendant" then enter your name (last name, first name) and click on search. Locate your case and take note of the cause number (if you call the office you will need this number, we do not answer any questions without the cause number) and then click the case number to see information on case. You can locate the hearing date, time & judge under "events & orders of the court".


The County Clerk's Office does not set hearings or court dates. To set a court date please call the Court Coordinator's office for the appropriate court.



 ***Mandatory Criminal Efiling effective July 1st, 2018***   

Judicial Committee on Information Technology - eFiling