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Q: How can I obtain information regarding inmates incarcerated in Brazoria County Jail?

A: Please visit the Brazoria County Jail Record Search @ "SEARCH BRAZORIA COUNTY JAIL RECORDS"   


Q: I was a victim of a criminal offense, where can I go to get information or assistance concerning the status or outcome of the case?

A: You can get information from the District Attorney's Office or look the case up online @ Brazoria County Judicial Record Search.


Q: How do I get my cash bond money back?

A: Cash bonds on a Class A or B Misdemeanor will be ordered by the Judge to be returned once the case is disposed and as long as the bond has not been forfeited prior. The money from the cash bond will be refunded back to the person that posted the bond. A check will be issued and sent via certified mail to the responsible individual once it has been processed by the bookkeeper. Please make sure we have a correct mailing address.