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 Frequently Asked Question for Collections

1.  What is the mailing Address and phone number?

                   NOTE: Be sure to put cause/case number on money order



2.  When I come to court how long will I be there?


When you come to court, be prepared to be there all day. 

Collections process is part of the court hearing process.  

Once you plea in court, you will be brought to the Intake office, and processed to pay in full or sent to collections.

In collections office your plea will be put in line when it is received.  We process them in the order we received them in. 

Make sure that your references are available to answer the phone.  We will not be able to process your payment plan till we have two valid references.  If you references do not answer this will hold up your process.

Once you have been put on a payment plan you are done unless you have probation.  If you are put on probation, you will be given a map to report to their office for orientation and we do not know how long their process is.



3.   I just go out of jail/TDCJ why do I still owe money?  What do I need to do?


If you plea and go to jail or TDCJ you may still be court ordered to pay fine, court cost and attorney fees.  Just because you went to jail does not mean you do not owe fees.

You will need to report to the collections office the next business day after you are released to set up a payment plan.  

Failure to report and set up payment plan can and will result in a warrant for your arrest.



4.    What if I cannot make my payment on my due date?


You have a seven day grace period before we consider you past due.  If you cannot make your payment within the 7 day period, you will need to contact our office and speak to a collector about the payment.



5.   Can I make my payment before my due date or pay it off earlier?


Yes, you can make your payment before your due date.  

Yes, you can pay it off early.  You will need to contact the office to your pay off balance



6.   Can someone else make my payment for me?


Yes, anyone can make your payment for you. 

Please make sure they have your cause/case number.

Or in office, must have you Name and Date of Birth



7.    What if I cannot make the full amount of my payment?


If you cannot make the full amount of your payment, you can make a partial payment showing the attempt to take care of your debt.  You will need to contact the office and notify them of the partial payment and when you will be able to make another payment toward the outstanding balance.



8.    How do I locate my cause/case number?


The cause/case number is on your payment agreement or any letters that you have received from this office.   If you are not able to locate it, you will need to go search your name "click here to search name", click on "Criminal Records" and then search by "name" on the drop down.



9.    When calling the office what information will I need?


When you call the collections office, you will need your cause/case number.  We will not able to look you up with anything other than the cause/case number.  It is located on the payment agreement and all the letters you receive from our office. 

If you do not have your cause/case number you need to refer to "How to locate my cause/case number Question."



10.   Why must I call the office to get the bureau code to make a payment?


We have you call in to get your bureau code to confirm that your account is eligible to be paid by credit card.  If your account is not eligible, we do not want you to be out the convenience fee if it has to be refunded. 

We also want to make sure that you are using the appropriate bureau code to insure that your payment will be received by the appropriate office and not refund back due to wrong code used. 


11.      Can I make a payment over the online?

You can make a payment on line but you will need to do this via Touch Pay.  See "Payments - How to Make" under the collections tab.


       12.       I need to pay my probation fees who do I contact?

We only collect fines, court cost and court appointed attorney fees.   All other fees like probation fee, crimes stoppers and restitution is paid to your probation office.  You will need to contact your officer or the main office at 979-864-1406.


13.      I received a ticket and need to pay it, who do I pay?

      This office only collects fee for Misdemeanor and Felony court.  If you received a traffic violation you will need       to look at the bottom of your ticket, it will tell you who you need to contact. 

If you do not have your ticket, then you need to contact the agency they gave you your ticket. 

If you received the ticket from a DPS Trooper or Brazoria County Sheriff Officer then you need to contact the JP in the area that you received your ticket in.  If you do not have that ticket you can go to the Brazoria County Web page at and locate the JP’s information from that page. 

If you received your ticket from a City Police Officer, than you need to contact that city’s municipal court. 


     Example - Angleton Police Officer - contact Angleton Municipal Court

                     Pearland Police Office - contact Pearland Municipal Court