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The Supreme Court of Texas has mandated that all civil cases, including family and probate cases, by attorneys in appellate courts, and all non-juvenile civil cases, including family and probate cases, by attorneys in district courts, statutory county courts, constitutional courts, and statutory probate courts be filed electronically.

Court Adopts Final E-Filing Rules

The Brazoria County Clerk’s Office will enforce mandatory e-filing beginning July 1, 2014.

If you are having problems getting started, please take a few minutes to read over some of the FAQ’s below to assist you in the transformation to electronic filing, or visit for helpful training videos, web training, and information on choosing an EFSP.


How does e-filing work?

What is an EFSP?

Do I have to register to use

Is e-filing secure?

How do I serve other individuals with my e-filed documents?

What is e-service?

Note: Transaction and service fees may apply depending on the EFSP used to perform e-service.

Can I use e-service without filing a document with the court?

How do I know if my e-filed document has been submitted?

How do I submit a filing with attachments?

Can I submit more than one filing at a time?

I'm filing a new case and need to request service of process. How do I do that and pay for the service?

How do I submit the Original Will?

Can I use more than one EFSP?

How is the EFileTexas system different from the old one?

My court is currently e-filing. Will all of the fees and other data need to be reconfigured into the new system manually?

When can I use EFileTexas?

Is e-filing mandatory for my court?

a. 500,000 or more ? January 1, 2014

b. 200,000 to 499,999 ? July 1, 2014

c. 100,000 to 199,999 ? January 1, 2015

d. 50,000 to 99,999 ? July 1, 2015

e. 20,000 to 49,999 ? January 1, 2016

f. 20,000 ? July 1, 2016

What type of cases can I e-file using eFileTexas?

When I need to file with a specific court, how will I know whether the county has transitioned to the new system?

Do I have to register to use EFileTexas?

Is support available for the EFileTexas system?

Is documentation and training available for using E-FileTexas?

Can I use EFileTexas if I am a pro per or pro se?

Can EFileTexas be used to initiate cases or to file into existing cases?

What date and time are applied to my e-filing? When it is submitted or when it is accepted?

Is there a fee to use EFileTexas?

I already use an EFSP, do I need to switch?

What if there is not a “filing code” listed for my document, what do I need to do?


A clerk must accept a document tendered for e-filing unless specifically authorized not to accept the document(s) by statute or by the Rules of Civil Procedure for the reasons listed below.

Sealed Documents - Documents filed under seal or presented to court in camera cannot be efiled. TRCP 21(f)(4)

Vexatious Litigant - Filer has been found to be a vexatious litigant and has not presented an order from the local administrative judge permitting the filing. CPRC §11.103


A clerk may request a filer to correct an e-filed document only for the following reasons. The request must state the reason and reference any supporting authority as follows:

Insufficient Fees - Fees submitted are insufficient. Please resubmit your filing with the correct case type/filing type. (provide short summary as to what fees were not included) TRCP 99(d) and Gov’t Code, §51.318(b)(7)and (8)Gov’t Code§51.317(a)Local Gov’t Code §118.052; §118.121; or §118.131

Insufficient Funds - Credit Card was declined. Please resubmit with a valid method of payment. TRCP 99(d) and Gov’t Code,§51.318(b)(7)and (8)Gov’t Code §51.317(a) Local Gov’t Code §118.052; §118.121; or §118.131

Document Addressed to Wrong Clerk - The document is addressed to a court for which this clerk’s office does not accept filings. Please correct or re-file with the appropriate clerk’s office.

Incorrect/Incomplete Information

Please resubmit using the correct:
Cause number
Case Type
Case Category
Filing Code
Party Names on document(s)

Incorrect Formatting - Please resubmit the document:

By rotating the document so that the file mark will appear in the upper right corner
In text searchable PDF
Directly converted to PDF if possible.
With a 300dpi resolution
With a page size of 8.5”x11”
With no embedded fonts TRCP 21 (f)(8)
PDF Documents Combined - You have submitted multiple documents for filing in a single PDF. The file-mark will only appear on documents submitted as lead documents. Please file all lead documents as separate PDF documents.
Illegible/Unreadable - Please resubmit in a format that is legible.
Sensitive Data - Please resubmit in five (5) business days with all sensitive data redacted: DL, SSN, Passport Number, Tax ID
Number, Government Issued ID Number
Bank Account Number, Credit Card Number, Financial Account Number
Birth Date, Home Address and name of any person who was a minor when the suit was filed.
TRCP 21c (a-f) NOTE: Family Code §102.008 and §105.006 require identification of children by name and DOB.